I’m back!  After 3 weeks of learning about the brain and nervous system, I’m back at home with a full recap marathon post for y’all.  So pull up a chair, grab a drink, and read it.  Or click “backspace” and ignore me.  I’ll never know.

Northwestern University is located in a suburb of Chicago.  I want to go there so badly.  Just sayin’.

There’s the arch.

CTD 026

The big church.

CTD 028

The tech building, which is where my class was held every day.  It’s gigantic.

CTD 029

The front of the residence hall.  Plus some random person.  :/

CTD 027 

Here’s the view from my dorm room.

CTD 019

Gorgeous, no?  I love the ivy and pretty gardens everywhere.  The room itself was nice, the AC unit never broke down (yessss) and there were never any bugs besides one spider that crept into my roommate’s bed one night.  Don’t worry, we killed it with a shoe.

Extermination at its best.


There’s my desk, complete with my Bobble bottle.  I must have filled this thing up at least 100 times- and I like knowing that the bottle is purifying my water as I drink!  I also have a Northwestern teddy bear for my sister, Emerald cocoa roast almonds (yummm), Adora dark chocolate calcium supplements, and a bunch of other unidentifiable random stuff.

CTD 002 

On the weekends, we got to explore Chicago.  Obviously I know my way around, but it was fun to show my friends around the city.  We visited the MCA and its incredible stair artwork.  To be honest, this was my favorite thing in the museum.  I like art, but not modern art.  Err… I like art, but not “contemporary art”.  I like to call myself an artistic person, but I just don’t get some of the stuff in that museum.

CTD 014

It’s right near the new Children’s Memorial Hospital.  Amazing.

CTD 015

Millenium Park.  And the bean.  I think it has a real name, but it goes by “the bean”.  If you ever visit Chicago, you need to call it “the bean” too.  And don’t you dare say “Willis Tower”.

Aren’t I a nice travel advisor? 😀

June 2 002

My final symposium project- on POTS, no less.

CTD 017

The birthday “cake” I made for a guy whose birthday was during the camp.  Yes, it is composed of peanut butter cups and vanilla frosting with chocolate almonds on top.  Don’t judge.  You try making a cake without any ingredients, heat source, or refrigeration.  I think it turned out pretty well.

CTD 018

And me by the newspaper dispenser covered in stickers.  I love that dress.  And that bag from Lululemon.  If it can carry my ancient giant laptop, it can carry anything.

CTD 009

I also made some amazing friends, whose pictures I won’t show for privacy purposes.  Just know I’m not a total loner. 😉

But here’s the BIG news.  Guess what came in the mail while I was gone…

A hint: I REALLY needed them!

CTD 001

ChicBuds!  They’re retractable earphones with Swarovski crystals on them!  I ordered them in white crystals (marshmallow, to be exact) but they come in other colors with other fun names, too.  In case you’re wondering where I got these, I can’t tell you.  It’s a super giant secret.  =)

CTD 003

How cute is this?  They modeled the back of the package off of a nutrition facts label!  You can’t really see it, but under “Warning” it says “May cause other people to stare”.  Hehehe. =D

CTD 004

A close-up of the ear buds.  They’re so pretty and unique!  I like them so much, I’ll make a list:

1. They’re RETRACTABLE!  Retractable!  Want me to say it again?!  Retractable!!  This means they won’t get tangled in my gym bag, which happens a lot.

2.  The wheel-thingy that holds the cord (does it have a technical n
ame? I don’t think so…)  comes with a little clip for the collar of your shirt.  This means it doesn’t bounce around while you’re working out.  The ChicBuds people thought of everything!

3. They’re sparkly.

4.  The sound quality is great!  I’m still using the headphones that came with my prehistoric iPod, so listening to ChicBuds is like a whole new experience!

5.  Did I mention they’re sparkly?!

CTD 005

What kind of headphones do you have?  Do you like them?