Hello, my name is Courtney.  I’m addicted to Target.  I’ve been clean for… oh, 6 hours?


When I hit up the Target (ou Targét si tu es français) I usually end up spending way too much money on way more than I was supposed to buy.  Case in point:


Mom’s Target List

1. Brillo pads

2. Tide detergent

3. Toilet paper


I bought all of the above, plus a few extra… necessities. 😀

1. A folder + notebook for the summer class I’m taking… very cute, btw.  I have this thing against binders… don’t like ‘em.  Too clunky.

2. Smartfoods white cheddar popcorn.  It was on sale, though!

3. My new hair savior.  If you have thick hair, go out and buy this product now.  I saw it on the shelves and nearly jumped for joy.  An entire set of products for people with thick hair!  Pantene also has a line for fine, curly, and colored hair. 

Product Image Pantene Crème Medium-Thick Hair Style Straighten & Smooth

4. My new love.  I was so excited that Target had this- I’ve been looking for it everywhere with no luck.  Let’s just say… it lived up to my expectations.  This chocolate was ridiculously good.  Don’t let the salt scare you; it makes the chocolate taste incredible- not salty at all.


After that productive shopping trip, I moved onto Forever 21, toting my friend K along.  Another one of my store loves. :)  I got this jewelry stand…

for $11.  Yea, I love Forever 21.  They have the cutest stuff at super-low prices!


Then I went out to a fancy steakhouse with my family and grandparents- I didn’t snap any pictures because the restaurant was kind of dark and I wouldn’t want to draw attention.  Okay maybe I did… but I still didn’t take pictures.  Since you’re all just dying to know what I ordered, I’ll tell you.  I had a little chunk of warm bread, then some caesar salad, then a petite filet, then some smashed potatoes, then a yummy ice cream dessert.  I’m stuffed but it was all tasty.  Have a lovely night!

❤ C