Hello there 🙂

I’m done with AP tests!  After 2 tests, 6 hours, and countless times looking at the clock, it’s finally over!  I took AP chemistry and AP US history, neither of which were very difficult, but definitely not easy.  At least I can forget all the information :)  Goodbye precipitation reactions, Jacksonian democracy, and kinetic molecular theory!  I can’t say I’ll miss you.

I’m a goal-oriented person.  Since summer is right around the corner, I made a list of goals I want to accomplish.  I did this last year on my old blog, and it worked pretty well.  Here goes…

1. Earn $500.  In my town, babysitting pays really well, so that’s my “job”, per se.  If I get $500, I could pay for the lease on my car for 4 months!

2. Take a spinning class.  They offer them during the day at my new gym, but since the classes are during school, I can only take them in summer.  The studio is black light-lit and has some cool speakers.  It looks like a fun and good workout!

3. Make a fondant cake.  You know, those cool ones?  I’ll probably make one for my sister’s birthday.  And it sure won’t look like the one below.

Lace cake!

4. Go for a run with friends.  I used to run with my 2 friends every Sunday, but I haven’t for a while.  I want to get back in running shape!  That’s me from cross-country sophomore year.  And yes, wearing those shorts [aka “buns”] is an honor.  They really make you go faster… partially due to the fact that you want to put on sweatpants as fast as possible.


5. Write my college essay.  I want to apply early to my schools, so I KNOW where I’m going as soon as possible.  If I could apply as a junior, I probably would have!

6.  Get a puppy.  Easy enough.

Female Malshi