This is what these were supposed to look like.

And this is what they actually looked like.

CMcupcakes 046

Nevertheless, they were very fun to make with friends.  They would be fun for a childrens’ party, but I wouldn’t recommend making them with children unless you mind broken cupcakes and blue frosting-stained countertops, in which case go for it.

Start with cupcakes.  Bake them yourself or use a mix.  I used a mix because, well, these cupcakes aren’t meant to be super-high-class.  So I picked Funfetti.  Of course, if you’re going to bake your own, might I recommend these?  I mean… not to be biased or anything, but they’re fairly amazing.

Use a knife to slit the tops of your cupcakes about halfway around.  When you squish the cupcake, its mouth should, uhh, move.  We had lots of fun with this.

CMcupcakes 045

Now stuff 1/2 a Chips Ahoy cookie into the slit you just made.


Take 1 cup of vanilla frosting, store-bought or homemade.  I really prefer homemade buttercream, but I went for Pillsbury Whipped Supreme this time.  I wanted to spend my time decorating instead of whipping powdered sugar into butter.  Your choice.  Scoop a tiny spoonful of your frosting into a little bowl, then dye the rest of it blue.  Just use food coloring until you get a shade you like.

Spread it onto the cupcake, taking care not to get Cookie Monster’s fur onto his beloved cookie.  Use a fork to score the frosting so it looks more “life-like”.


Now take a chocolate chip and dip it into the white frosting.  Stick it onto the cupcake, then repeat with another one.  These are Cookie Monster’s eyes.  If you’re feeling really motivated, you can use candy melts [as shown in the FIRST picture] and stick the chocolate chips on top.  Whatever floats your boat.


Of course, some of your Cookie Monsters might end up like this little guy.

CMcupcakes 047

You win some, you lose some.