Prom is coming up.  I know the majority of my abundance of readers [note the sarcasm] are older than high schoolers, as the majority of blog readers in general are older than high schoolers.  But fancy rite-of-passage dance or not, everyone likes to look good.  I’m a purist when it comes to makeup- aka, I spend as little money as possible.  These are the items that are my absolute necessities.  And note, I’m allergic to everything, so most of these products are hypoallergenic.  So here goes…


Almay Eye Liner Pencil, Black

As a former ballet-dancer, I’ve been using eyeliner since I was 5.  And I never liked it, either.  This stuff is great because it goes on smooth unlike messy liquids and pencils.  It doesn’t rub off until you take it off, in which case it comes off easily.  It’s available in other colors, but I like black the most because I only need a little to make my blue eyes pop.


Clinique “Take the Day Off” Makeup Remover

I know this is a bit more $$$ than drugstore brands, but it’s definitely worth it.  Each bottle lasts forever and doesn’t make your eyes feel greasy.  It can also be used on your entire face, so if you need to take off lipstick, it won’t poison you (always a plus).  Unlike other brands, this actually feels good when you use it- not oily or irritating at all!


Burts Bees Lip Balm, Pomegranate

There are no words to describe the amazing-ness of this lip balm.  It smells good, makes your lips feel soft, and is totally natural!  I would recommend buying it in mass quantities, because once you try it, you will become obsessed with it.


Neutrogena Rapid Clear Spot Gel

I must admit- I’ve never had a problem with my skin.  I never broke out [aside from the penicillin incident] and whenever I get a pimple, I break out (haha get it?!) this gel immediately.  It dries up pimples while you sleep, and in all the years I’ve used it, it’s never taken more than 3 days to totally remove it.  Just be sure to dab it ONLY on the affected area, or else the surrounding skin will become dry and irritated.  It works like a charm!


More to come in the future… I need to go study for a US history quiz. 😦