Hello there.  I had a quite exhausting day thanks to a lovely little thing called pollen.  Dear allergies, please go away.  Love, Courtney.  I know you’re not supposed to eat dairy when you have a cold, but I’m not giving up my a.m. yogurt.

My Dad just bought this cereal.  I’ve tried it before and loved it, but stopped buying it for some reason.  I’m glad it’s back!

After breakfast it was school, school, school until 3:00.  Meh.  Then I met with my chemistry teacher to go over some stuff.  AP Chem is so difficult!  It’s way more than just protons and neutrons… how does “dysproportionation” sound?  Needless to say, I’m glad to have the extra help.


I’ve been loving these as of late.

They may not look like much, but these bars are good!  The dark chocolate tastes real unlike some other bars, and the NuGo folks put it both outside and inside the bar.  The nutritionals aren’t bad, either.


My friend lent me this Jodi Picoult book. and I can’t put it down!  So far this is up there with My Sister’s Keeper in terms of my favorite books by her.  You can tell she really researches the topics of her stories before she writes them.


That’s all for now! 😀