Today was fairly uneventful, but now I’m looking forward. And I have a lot to look forward to. J

2 Days: “Officially” a member of the new fitness center!

I’m really excited- this new gym has a pool, TONS of elliptical, a spinning studio with black lights, an indoor/outdoor track, and TWO whirlpools! And all that other regular stuff that I “should” use… weight machines, free weights, etc. I’m most looking forward to the pool- there’s nothing better than a cool refreshing swim after a tough workout! I just need a one-piece bathing suit… you like?

I know that one isn’t a one-piece, but it’s from Speedo so it shouldn’t come undone… right? J

6 Days: My Birthday!

I’ll be 17 on March 24! Um… yes, I want one of these.

Or one of these.

8 Days: Spring break!

Need I say more? J